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Safeguarding Hospitality:Navigating Cybersecurity Concernsin the Digital Era

Ketan Sheth, Director & Principal Designer of Goldmine Project Consultant & his better half Manisha Sheth, both complement each other in their uniqueness & have associated with this industry for 33years and they continue to strive to deliver the same uncompromising quality that has helped cement their company’s reputation as one of the leading Interior Designers & Architectural firm in India. Goldmine Project Consultant specializes in design-build projects and offers systematic and meticulous work to meet its project’s unique needs and handles Turnkey Projects along with the highest level of professionalism and efficiency by a core set of experts from the industry under one roof. ‘Energizing Spaces and making your living beautiful’ is at the centre of Ketan Sheth’s design philosophy. Through an exploration of practicality, uniqueness, design functionality, and an intuitive blend of various design aspects, he curates a wealth of experiences that he passionately invests in every space he works with.

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